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Grand Western Greenway



Our purpose is to create a 'greenway' between Wellington and Taunton. We want to connect the two town centres along a traffic-free corridor that roughly follows the route of the Grand Western Canal. A greenway is an accessible, all-weather path that provides access to the countryside while promoting a carbon-free future.

Many partners and stakeholders are involved, but this fledgling plan to build a beautiful and accessible path between Wellington and Taunton needs all the help it can get. Have a look around and, if you like what you see, join us as a supporter


The Grand Western Canal

Why the Grand Western?

The Grand Western Canal was built from Taunton to Tiverton. The Somerset section is now dry, but the route is often visible in the fields. It closed with the advent of the Bristol to Exeter railway, but we want to remind ourselves of the heritage of a now defunct means of travel by following its line with a very 21st century active travel route

There are many challenges to overcome, but imagine the end result - a beautiful and tranquil 10Km walk, ride from Wellingon to Taunton, stopping off along the way at a pub or simply sitting and soaking up the view.

Or, you may simply want to get to work without the challenge of cycling along the A38 - which would you prefer?

We campaign to build an active travel route between Wellington and Taunton in the beautiful corridor along the Grand Western Canal

We are a collaborative group working with the Friends of the Grand Western Cana, the Wellington Wheelers Cycling Clubl and Greenways and Cycle Routes Ltd.  We work closely with Somerset Council and other active travel organisations

To raise funds to build a greenway to be used by as many as possible. To bring people to this beautiful countryside to experience the heritage of the canal and the wildlife in the coutryside

Become a supporter and sign up to our mailing list. We will not share your information with anyone else.

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