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A greenway in the UK is a recreational route designed for non-motorized activities such as walking, cycling, and horse riding, that provides a safe and pleasant passage through urban, suburban or rural environments. It may include paths, trails, and cycleways, which are often connected to parks, natural areas, and cultural attractions.


Greenways aim to promote sustainable transport and outdoor recreation, while enhancing the natural environment and cultural heritage of the area. They can provide a vital link between urban areas and the countryside, encouraging people to explore the outdoors and enjoy the benefits of physical activity in a safe and accessible environment.


The historic Nynehead Lift


Aquedyct bridge over the River Tone

We campaign for a future that will provide a safe, sustainable and enriching travel route between Wellington and the county town of Taunton in Somerset.

Our ambition is to work in partnership with local individuals, with organisations committed to the same goals, and with landowners and organisations who can help us. Not only do we aim to build, but we will sustain whatever we build

There are many examples of greenways that use the path of disused railways

  • Tarka Trail

  • Granite Way

  • Strawberry Line

  • Camel Trail

Our route is along the line of the disused Grand Western Canal from Wellington to Taunton railway station to join up with the Bridgwater - Taunton Canal


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