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We are not the only people who campaign to achieve their ambition about how cycling could be a more pleasant experience in Somerset. The Strawberry Line has been under construction for a long time, with the most significant part between Yatton and Cheddar. More sections are underway in Somerset, and in March 2022, a new section betwen Wells and Dulcote was opened.

The continuing work is managed by the Greenways and Cycleroutes in the form of John Grimshaw with whom our project has a strong relationship. John is the founder of Sustrans, and is the instigator and engineer that inspired the Bristol to Bath Cyclepath. He works with local contractors in a way that is sympathetic to the local environment, and which keeps costs to a level that is much more manageable than using large corporate organisations.

This section has got to this stage in 11.5 days!

Access for the farmer getting across his land has necessitated the construction which was designed by John and installed by the same contractor.

The trackbed of the old railway is roughly at the level of the tracks on the digger, but nothing is lost as material is transferred from one section to another to fill in the dips.

This section from Draycott is complete and has the first season of growth being managed by local volunteers who maintain the path.

In the distance you can just about glimpse Wells Cathedral

The Grand Western Green Association will adopt a similar approach to the Strawberry Line in that we hope to build in sections starting from Taunton to Silk Mills, and then from the Wellington Station through to the Nynehead Road. A phased approach to construction allows time for money to be raised, and for the concept to become deeply embedded in the minds of planners, volunteers and users alike.

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