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What a year!

With your support, we have made much progress with the Greenway.

Somerset Council has agreed to fully support the project (sadly, without any money) despite their own options assessment supporting a route alongside the A38.

We have presented our campaign to numerous parish and town councils, all of whom have pledged their support. Important County councillors are actively lobbying on our behalf, and we have developed relationships with innumerable influential people and organisations.

Somerset Foundation NHS Foundation Trust is the biggest employer in Somerset with responsibility for all the hospital and community care in both mental and physical health, as well as running a number of GP surgeries across the county. The Trust supports the Greenway at Board level in recognition of the crucial part that nature and exercise has to play in the health of our communities.

The Somerset Integrated Care Board (it has had many names and guises before including the Health Authority, PCT, PCG etc) welcome the Greenway as an active space that can be used for Social Prescriptions i.e. supported exercise and activity in conjunction with traditional treatment.

Wellington Town Council strongly demonstrated their support of the Greenway by identifying £10,000 in their 2024 budget to be used for kickstarting the campaign and supporting its development.

Somerset Community Trust has generously granted a significant sum for us to develop materials to promote the campaign and to continue our development.

So, thank you to you, our supporters. Thank you for coming on our journey, and especially to those of you who have 'Walked the Greenway' with us. We continue to do this on a monthly basis so, if you want to join us on one, sign up on the Events page on our website.

Thank you!

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