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Greenway news

We have had tremendous support for our walks along the Greenway over the last few months. We continue to plod though the mud (it;s not that bad) throughout the winter, and have our next coming up on Sunday, 10th December. This will go from Taunton to Wellington starting at 09:30. It takes about four hours to cover the 8 miles.

If you know Whar3Words, we gather here ///plug.grace.spoken and finish here //stoppage.skims.runners. More information and sign up here

We are very grateful to Wellington Town Council for their support. In their recent meeting to set next year's budget, they created a sum of £10,000 to be made available to us upon application. This was a strategy used to kickstart the reinstatement of Wellington Railway Station and the refurbishment of Wellington Monument. Both these projects have been succesful, and we have every confidence the Greenway will be the next one

Somerset Council has circulatred the Sustainability Options study into travel between Wellington and Taunton commissioned last year by Somerset West and Taunton Council. Although it makes much of various routes around the A38, we are confident the council will put its support behind the Greenway. We know that the Greenway would be at least four times cheaper than a path by the highway, and that the community-driven nature of this project (like the Strawberry) is an attractive option for a council that has no money!

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