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Pop-up Shop

The Greenway is going very public!

After some superb publicity generated from a Facebook Live interview with Daniel Mumby which made it to almost everywhere including the top of the BBC Southwest pages, we are about to do our first public information event.

Some of you may know about the Pop-Up Shop in Fore Street, Wellington but for those that don't, this is run by Wellington Town Council who offer it to various causes for nothing other than the cost of the utilities.

We have it for the whole of next week, and will be there in person from Wednesday to Saturday. We have used the generous grant fomr Somerset Community Foundation to put together our materials, so why not come along and say hello.

High Sherrif's Coffee Morning

Rob Beckley is a supporter of the Greenway as well as a keen cyclist and member of the Wellingto Wheelers Cycling Club. Both he and his wife walked along the valley with us a few months ago. The High Sherrif is holding a coffee morning for any number of walking and cycling groups who are scheduled to congregate on the playing field at Blagdon Hill on 9th June ... at coffee time! Again, we will have a stall, so why not come along and support us.

Walk the Greenway

Yes, we are continuing our popular walks along the valley from Wellington to Taunton to look at possible routes the Greenway may take. e throughout the summer, so why not come and join us. The route is about 8.5 miles along footpaths over almost flat terrain. We have kept going throughout all the rain and rain of winter, and not heard anyone say they didn't enjoy it.

To sign up, go to the Events page on our website

New Brand

I am proud to announce that a collaboration with the media department at Richard Huish College has produced some outstanding work for us to use into the future. Our website and logo design had been a bit rushed, but now we have a new one. The students who are in their first year os study at Huish designed almost all the materials we are using in the Pop-Up shop -I'll send out some photos when we have it all set up, but here is our new logo

There is much more news on the back of the Wellington Station, but I will make that the subject of the next post.

Thank you as always

Grand Western Greenway Team

(Want to join us? Get in touch)

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