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Taunton Town Council supports the Greenway

The Council had a full meeting on Monday, 9th April, the Council were asked to consider a proposal to support the Grand Western Greenway.

Councillors were told that the Grand Western Greenway Project aims to establish a greenway between Taunton Station and the proposed Wellington Station directly connecting the two towns linking with smaller communities along the route.

Councillors were asked, as the landowner, in co-operation with The Committee of the Frieze Hill Community Orchard Group and Turner’s Allotments, to support the necessary permissions required to upgrade the Right of Way (T33/12) running alongside Turner’s Allotments and the Community Orchard.

It was agreed to support this important active travel initiative. Councillors resolved to write a formal letter to the Grand Western Greenway Association affirming their support.

Deputy Leader of Taunton Town Council, Cllr Martin Straus said “Embracing sustainable active travel projects not only promotes healthier lifestyles but also fosters a stronger sense of community and environmental stewardship. Through initiatives that prioritise walking, cycling, and public transport, we’re paving the way for greener, more inclusive communities where everyone can thrive”

We are Walking the Greenway (again!)

Now the weather is clearing up a bit, we are back on the Greenway trail again. If you haven't done so already (and even if you have), why not join us on Saturday, 20th April to Walk as much of the Greenway starting from Wellington and finishing at Staplegrove Road in Raunton.

We’ll be following the proposed route of the Greenway from Wellington to Taunton, as far as footpaths allow. Get up close and personal and learn more about the plans.The terrain is flat and covers an overall distance of 8 miles, finishing at Staplegrove Road in Taunton. We’ll be meeting at the rear entrance of Pritex (Relyon) at 9:30 and finishing at roughly 2:30, with a break at Bradford Bridge - snacks essential!If you’re interested, follow the link to register and see more details

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