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What's the purpose of a Greenway?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Wellington is a substantial town 6 miles from the county town of Taunton. It is proposed to establish a predominantly traffic-free greenway between them along the route of the disused Grand Western Canal. Wellington will have a new railway station by 2025 which would mark the starting point, and it would end at Taunton Railway Station giving access to both town centres

Sustainable transport initiatives in the coming years mean that more will be cycling from Wellington to Taunton,

  • the canal corridor provides a level route separated from most traffic,

  • its heritage and wildlife assets make it also ideal for recreational use,

  • It will provide 6 miles where walkers and cyclists can exercise without traffic noise and fumes,

  • it will link Taunton station and the new Wellington station for benefit of visitors

  • links with other local community initiatives (Friends of the Grand Western Canal, the Wellington Green Corridor) will provide opportunities for business development along the route.

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