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Wlak the Greenway - new dates!

We have been taking groups of people to walk along the route of the Greenway, and they have proved to be very popular, even through the winter when the ground has been pretty soft underfoot.

Although we can't follow the route exactly, we are able to get close for much of it and we are sure from the feedback we've received that it is informative and interesting.

The route starts in Wellington close to the site of the new station, sets off along the canal and public footpaths until we end up in Taunton about four hours later. The terrain is flat, and we take a short break in Bradford on Tone.

We have added new dates for March, April and May, so join us whenever you can. It is free (unless you're feeling generous!) and we are sure you will enjoy the walk, the company and the views. Click here to sign up

As for progress with the Greenway, we are in acvtive discusions with councils and landowners at each end of the route. As you probably know, we hope to build this in stages from either end and eventually meet in the middle.

Although we have over 400 supporters, our 'committee' is small, and we are always on the lookout for skilled and experienced volunteers who can add to our skillset. This year is hugely important as we begin the real process of evaluating the route and having conversations with planners and landowners. If you have expertise you think you can lend to the group, please get in touch, and we will be pleased to hear from you.

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